Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Black Hat pre-spective

With less than a week to go, Vegas is beckoning and it's time to stock up on sun screen and pain killers.

My first four days will be mainly taken up presenting the Web Application (In)security course. In a last-minute addition to the line-up, I'll be joined by minor celebrity Wade Alcorn, the king of BeEF and author of various cool techniques for inter-protocol communication and exploitation. It's going to be well-attended - more than 60 delegates have registered so far.

After four days standing up, it's likely that Tuesday won't be the smallest night of the year. Hopefully it won't run all the way into Wednesday, as I'd like to make David Byrne's talk on anti-DNS pinning, followed by Jer and RSnake updating us on intranet hacking via the browser. In the afternoon, I'll try to make the Premature Ajaxulation talk, for the name if nothing else. It clashes with Lindsay's kernel Odays, but I've had a preview of those already.

I'll certainly be near the front of the queue for the WASC/OWASP cocktail party, and then all of the other ones after that.

On Thursday morning, it would be nice to catch John's latest on rootkits, but I might settle for a beer-assisted precis later on. Billy Hoffman's take on web worms should be good, given his past form. Later on, I'll try to make Alex Sotirov's talk on heap feng shui, which I'm afraid was a hangover casualty in Amsterdam.

With so much going on, there will be a major requirement for frequent relaxation, and I'll look forward to catching up with plenty of people for beers, both at BH and Defcon afterwards.