Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hacker's Handbook - table of contents

[drum roll ...]

A mere six months after the first chapter was submitted, The Web Application Hacker's Handbook is now at the final stages of production, which is fortunate given that it will be in the shops in little over a month. I look forward to evenings not spent poring over galley pages looking for the next typesetting error.

Anyway, we now have a final table of contents for you to look at. It gives a fair idea of the subject matter covered - and how much of it there is!

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Jenny said...

This is looking awesome - there is a lot in there that not in the other books, like code review, writing attack scripts, logic flaws, & app arcitecture. The book also seems a lot longer than what Amazon say so hopefully has a lot of detail. I will defeinitely order this.