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Monday, October 22, 2007

Et Voilà!

It's long, it's turgid, and it'll keep you awake at night. You know what I'm talking about ...


Marcin said...

I have two copies on the way, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

yep mine is on the way from amazon. much luck with the book - love the proxy.

Christian Matthies said...

I'll be happy to hold a copy in my hands :) Thanks, I'm sure you did great work with it!

Seek3r said...

Looking forward to my copy as well. Amazon says its not going to ship till Nov 6th, arg.
Im also planning to do a review of it on http://www.mightyseek.com as soon as I can read thru it

dre said...

@marcin: you have the books, yet i'm stuck in dc for one more day, and chicago one more day after that! don't loan it out, kthnxbye!

@seek3r: why would you be looking forward to a book about manual web application vulnerability assessment? i thought ntobjectives could crawl thousands of web apps with 3k form fields each and do so with more findings than all competitors, 100% surface coverage, 100% code coverage, and zero false positives in no time?

btw - if larry suto is reading this right now, he might want to check out this link to a PDF on How To Misuse Code Coverage

carstein said...

Bought it, actually reading it.
Damn, cut my sleep time and it's still not enough.

0xdex said...

it's a pretty good practical book. well done and keep on the good work

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