Friday, November 20, 2009

[V13P] Request annotation

You can now add comments and coloured highlights to items in the site map and proxy history:

You can highlight individual items using a drop-down menu on the left-most table column:

And you can comment individual items in-place by double-clicking and editing the table cell:

Alternatively, if you want to annotate several items at once, you select the relevant items and use the context menu to add comments or apply highlights:

When you have annotated interesting requests, you can use column sorting and display filters to quickly find these items later.


Matt Presson said...

Will it be possible to save the highlight configuration and comments when exporting a scan?

PortSwigger said...

@Matt Presson, highlights and comments are persisted when you save/restore state. They will also be available via other means ... to be revealed.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited :)

Benjamin said...

this really is a cool feature.

Anonymous said...

love this feature. thanks man! :D