Sunday, December 14, 2008

Burp Suite v1.2 released

Burp Suite v1.2 is now available to download. This is a major upgrade with a host of new features, including:
  • Site map showing information accumulated about target applications in tree and table form
  • Suite-level target scope configuration, driving numerous individual tool actions
  • Display filters on site map and Proxy request history
  • Suite-wide search function
  • Support for invisible proxying
  • Fully fledged web vulnerability scanner [Pro version only]
  • Ability to save and restore state [Pro version only]
The series of posts below this one describe the new features in more detail.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the beta testing and gave me their feedback - this was much appreciated.

Have fun!


antisnatchor said...

Hi Daf

and finally we got the 1.2 release to try out...

I definetly like it! I'm gonna explore more the Extender interface...and I've just taken a copy of the PRO for christmas ahah

I cannot wait until tomorrow to have fun with the pro version...


P.S.: have a look at my new bog/FullDiclosure website on my server


antisnatchor said...

ahm, ooops...

P.S.: have a look at my new bog/FullDiclosure website on my server -->

Thanks Daf

Raz0r said...

Thx for release! Btw is it possible to have unique header on each request? I mean X-Forwarded-For with random values. Would be great if Burp had such a feature

PortSwigger said...

Hi Raz0r

For requests passing through the proxy, you could use BurpExtender to add arbitrary headers fairly easily if you know a little Java. I'm intending to post some examples of using BurpExtender before long, and will include that example if I remember.


Alex said...

Do you have released any patches to the released 1.2 version since the major release?

PortSwigger said...


Yes, I've released one update. More will follow in the next few weeks.